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Amending Purchase Orders

Amending Purchase Orders

When you click the Purchase Orders, you can search for the outstanding Purchases, it is possible to search by purchase order number or the stock location where the order is set to receive into, or search for an item and then search for purchase orders that have that item on it. Searching the orders shows all the orders that match the criteria with their status and links with the options relevant to their status shown. The links allow the order to be modified, printed, received depending on the status of the order. The supplier and the amount of the order are also shown on the search screen.

If the order is pending then it is possible to modify the order and any lines on the order. If the order had been authorised or printed then whilst it is still possible to amend any aspect of the order, it will need to be reauthorised as the status is changed back to pending - this is to ensure that there is no way for someone without the necessary authorisation level of committing the business to purchase more than they should be doing!

If the order is completed, it is not possible to modify it.

If the order is rejected, it is possible to change the order to authorised - by a user with appropriate authority.