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Approve Purchase Orders

Authorising Purchase Orders

Here the directors and authorising officials will log into Costbucket to look for purchase orders that have been raised and they will either cancel, reject, or authorise these purchase orders.

Below are the steps of authorising purchase orders

  • Click on Main menu
  • Click on Purchases
  • Click on Orders to Authorise
  • The status of the purchase orders will be pending
  • Drop this down and select authorise
  • Click update

This will enable the person who created purchase orders to print and receive them. In order to Receive a purchase order, it has to be printed first and sent or emailed to the supplier. (N.B this can't be done unless the purchase order is authorised)

Once a purchase order is authorised it can then be printed as follows:

  • Click on Main menu
  • Click on Purchase Orders
  • Go to Search outstanding purchase orders and select the purchase order you are looking for
  • The options to Print, Receive or modify should show
  • Click on the Print option

After printing this purchase order you can send it to the supplier through an email or print it out and post it. If the order is being shipped by the supplier and there are additional costs to take into account, then you should use shipment costing and add the order to a shipment. Using shipment costing ensures that the costs of shipping and transport are apportioned between all the items on the shipment. See shipment costing section of the manual.