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Create Purchase Orders

Adding a New Purchase Order

To add a new Purchase Order, Click on Main menu.

  • Select the Purchasing Module
  • Click on Add Purchase Orders
  • Enter the suppliers name or supplier code and click search.
  • Select the supplier from whom you want to purchase.
  • Fill in the information for both the supplier and warehouse where the goods are going to be delivered.

The purchase order date, delivery date, Requisition Ref, warehouse name, Address lines 1 to 4, telephone number, and the deliverers ) Then the supplier information that need to be entered include the address line 1to 4 that needs to be entered , the phone number, the payment terms , and there is a field to type in any comments if necessary.

  • Click Enter line items.
  • This will allow you to select the stock category for the stock items you want - you can elect to choose "All" stock categories to list all stock
  • Click Search Now, a list showing the items meeting the criteria will display
  • It is possible to enter the quantity you require in the quantity field in the list. Be aware that this is the supplier's unit quantity that is being entered here
  • Click order some - all the lines with a quantitiy entered will come up in the order at the current supplier purchasing price. if no purchasing data is set up for the item/supplier, then the purchase price will need to be entered manually.
  • Click on "Update Order Lines" to recalculate the extended amount of the order
  • Then click "Process Order"

A success report should display showing that you have created a purchase order.

If the configuration setting to automatically authorise the purchase order is enabled, then if your authority allows you to authorise purchase orders in the suppliers currecny and your authority level exceeds the amount of this order, then the order should automatically be authorised.

If you have authority to authorise purchase orders but the configuration setting to automatically authorise purchase orders is not set, then you will need to do another step to authorise it. There is a special screen to allow selection of pending orders for authorisation, alternatively it is possible to modify the order and change it's status manually to authorised.

If you do not have the authority to authorise purchase orders in the currency of the supplier, to the value of the order, then a duly authorised person will be required to authorise it before it is possible to print the order.