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Purchase Order Status

Purchase Orders Status

The order status starts off as:

  • Pending - the order has been created but not authorised
  • Authorised - the order has been authorised but not printed
  • Printed - the order has been authorised and printed and is ready to receive
  • Cancelled - the order has been cancelled. Cancelled orders are not deleted, they are retained for audit purposes - who cancelled it and the date is available for inspection in the status comments field
  • Rejected - if an authorisor disagrees with the requirement to purchase this order the status of the order is changed to rejected. In many respects this status is treated the same as cancelled
  • Completed - the order is fully received or no more will be received on the order. webERP maintains changes the status to completed when all lines of the order are fully received - or the line is amended to have the same amount as already received.