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Select Supplier (Vendor)

With most operations to operate on a specific supplier, the supplier must first be selected. This applies to any supplier inquiry as well as entry of purchase orders or purchase invoices or debit notes. It is the convention of Costbucket to select the customer, item or supplier required before performing any function in these areas. For this reason the shortcut menu accross the top of every screen has links to each of these selection screens.
To select a supplier then - from any screen - click on Select Supplier, or press the ALT key and the number 4 key - in Internet Explorer one must press the Enter key also.

In common with the other selection screens the focus automatically goes to the supplier code where any character or series of characters of the supplier code can be entered. Having entered as much of the supplier code as is known click the "Search Now" button - this will then retrieve all the suppliers with this extract of text that occurs anywhere in the supplier code field.
If only one supplier is returned it is automatically selected for operating on. However if several suppliers exist with the same extract within their code they will be listed with their full name, currency and address. A button showing the code for each of the suppliers allows selection of the supplier required.
Instead of using the supplier code - if some of the supplier name is known this can be entered in the first field - labelled "Text in the NAME:" - the same procedure is followed as for entry of an extract of the supplier code.