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Supplier Contacts

Any number of supplier contacts can be defined. This facility allows for ready access to phone numbers and email addresses of all company suppliers. Purchase orders created can be emailed directly to any of the defined contacts email addresses.

As with most operations to operate on a specific supplier, the supplier must first be selected. Once a supplier is selected the suppliers menu shows all the options available for operating on the supplier. Under maintenance click Modify/Delete Supplier Contact Details. The screen shows all the existing contacts already set up - any of these can be deleted by clicking the delete link to the right of their details. Existing details can be modified by clicking the edit link. The fields will be populated by the selected contacts details and available for modification. This screen allows entry of:

  • Contact Name - up to 30 characters
  • Position - up to 30 characters
  • Telephone Number - up to 30 characters
  • Facsimile Number - up to 30 characters
  • Mobile Number - up to 30 characters
  • Email Address - up to 55 characters
Supplier contacts entry provides a convenient place to store the key personnel at a supplier so others in the business know the functions of the individuals at the supplier. The email addresses are also used when sending supplier purchase orders - the actual contact to use is selectable from a list of supplier contacts.
It is not actually necessary to enter any details into the supplier contacts screen but advisable.