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Inventory Adjustment

Inventory can be written on or off for individual stock items using this option. Corrections to physical stocks and deliveries of stock can be entered using this option. Adjustments can be entered by selecting the link on the SelectProduct.php page or directly from the menu under transactions. Using the second link, the item code must be known, there is no facility to select an item code from this page.

If Stock GL integration is enabled from the company preferences page (under the setup tab), then the system creates the necessary journals in the general ledger to update the stock account and the profit and loss account stock adjustment account specified in the stock category record. (see Inventory Categories above and also see General Ledger Integration later)

Note: Inventory Adjustments are not possible with kit set, assembly or dummy stock items since no stock record is maintained for these items.

Inventory adjustments for controlled items must select the batches/serial numbers being adjusted.

Bulk inventory transfers consisting of many parts can be set up. These allow a docket to be produced to be sent with the dispatch of the goods. The transfer is not actually effected until the transfer is received in by the receiving stock location.