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Inventory Maintenance

A table of locations is maintained which contains a location code of 5 characters and the location description (up to 20 characters). The description is the field used in lookups on invoicing and crediting. To keep the database as compact as possible it is the code which is stored against stock movement transactions. As many locations as required can be set up. When a new location is defined, location records for all items in the database are created. When a location is deleted, so too are all the item location records. However, a location record cannot be deleted if there are stock movements or stock held for any part in the location. Since the location represents the physical location from where goods/services are supplied it is important for determining the tax applicable on a sale. The governing tax authority must specified with the location record. It is used in the calculation of the applicable rate of tax in conjunction with the tax authority of the customer branch being delivered to and the tax level of the item being sold.

Note: Location codes cannot be modified retrospectively. Neither can they be deleted if there are stock movements, users (default location) or customer branch records set up to receive stock from the location.