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Inventory Request (internal)

Internal departments of an organisation to make requests for consumable items from a particular stock location.

Departments are created via the Inventory section of the setup module. The name of the department must be entered, and the userid of the person who will be responsible for authorising the requests from that department must be selected here.

Each user can be given permission to create internal stock requests for a particular department, or they can have permission to create requests for all departments.

Individual stock locations have a flag that can be set to allow or disallow internal stock requests to be fulfilled from that location.

Also each user role, can have specific stock categories assigned to it for which intyernal stock requests can be created. These are created in the Maintain Internal Stock Categories to User Roles section of the setup module.

  • Create a New Internal Stock Request

    An internal stock request is created in two parts. Firstly the header, which contains the Department that requires the items, the location that you wish the request to be fulfilled from, the date by which you require the items, and any narrative you wish to add to the request.

    Secondly the items required are selected and the quantities required are entered.

    Once you are happy that you have all the items and quantities enetered, submit the request for authorisation.

  • Authorise Internal Stock Requests

    When a user chooses this option they will see all unauthorised stock requests that they are allowed to authorise. No other requests will appear. By ticking the authorise checkbox, and clicking on the update button they will authorise this request to be fulfilled.

  • Fulfil Internal Stock Requests

    When the warehouse open this option for their own warehouse, they will see any internal stock requests that are awaiting fulfillment. They can either fulfil all or part of a request. If not all of the request is fulfilled, but the rest will not be, the request can be marked as completed. Also a GL tag can be chosen to tag that entry against.

    Inventory Location Transfers

    Transfers of inventory between locations need to take stock off the sending location and increase the stock in the receiving location. This is effected in one transaction by entering a stock transfer. In the same way as adjustments these can be accessed either from the SelectProduct.php page which is linked to from every page on the top header banner or directly from the menu - inventory tab under the transactions section. All that is required is the location from and to, the date and the quantity being sent. If the business wishes to record inventory in transit an additional in transit location needs to be established and a transfer to the transit location performed when the stock is dispatched and a further location transfer from the transit location to the receiving location when the stock is received. Stock location transfers are shown on stock movement inquiries.

    Note: Inventory Location Transfers are not possible with kit set, assembly or dummy stock items since no stock record is maintained for these items.

    Bulk inventory transfers consisting of many parts can be set up effective from 2.9. These allow a docket to be produced to be sent with the dispatch of the goods. The transfer is not actually effected until the transfer is received in by the receiving stock location.