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Selecting & Editing Inventory

From all pages in the system the main title bar has links to select from the critical tables in the system. Customers, inventory and suppliers. Clicking on the "Select Item" link takes the user directly to the inventory item selection page. In addition, from the menu, the Inventory tab has a link to "Modify or Delete an Inventory Item Or Maintain Pricing". Using either method, the select item or product page will show.

The search for a particular item can be narrowed by selection of a specific stock Category - a select box allows selection of the category. Also if some element of the code is known this can be entered, alternatively if some element of the description is known this can be entered - the description keywords are used if both a code and description fields are used. Note that the text entered into these fields does not have to be the start of the code or the description. All items with the text anywhere in either the code or the description respectively will be displayed, together with the total stock on hand and the unit of measure for the item. Assembles, kit-sets and dummy parts will all show zero stock on hand.

The maximum number of resultant items can be defined by a parameter in config.php - this limits the number of records returned so that users over a lower bandwidth connection are not penalised for making too wide a selection. Downloads of significant amounts of data over a slower dial up connection would result in serious degradation in performance. By default this is set at 100 items.

Clicking on the button of the code of the item that is required will select it and links to the options applicable to the item will be displayed.

Having selected an item it is possible to modify:

  • Item master information
  • Costs
  • Pricing
  • Reorder levels
  • Purchasing data

It is also possible to inquire on:

  • Inventory Movements
  • Status - showing quantity on hand, on order with suppliers and on sales orders for customers by location
  • Historical usage by month
  • Outstanding sales orders
  • Outstanding purchase orders
  • Completed sales orders
  • Bill of Material

Further it is possible to initiate transactions to:

  • Transfer stock between locations
  • Adjust stock quantities on hand.
At the bottom of this page, there is also a link to perform a fresh search for a different item.

Amending Inventory Items

The master information is available for amendment. The only field that cannot be altered on the main stock item page, is the code. The code is used in many tables throughout the system and modification of the stock code would require data in many other tables of information to make corresponding changes. A special utility is available that allows stock code changes to be made. The changes to the database are extensive and it is recommended that this facility be run out of normal operating hours since the load on the server for the changes could be substantial in a large database. See special utilities. The following points should be considered when altering data fields: