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Import Product

This product import module is a fast and easy way to import products within Costbucket. Please ensure that you configure your account and setup your product categories before importing the products.

To import products, you will need administrative or accounting access to the cloud management accounting software. On the left menu, scroll to utilities then Import Product.  

Select download to get the import product template. Open the template using microsoft excel and populate using the guide below. Once completed, return to the import product page and select the file from your computer and click import.

Below is the guide for populating the import tempate.

Description Example Notes
stockid 1031262 Unique product identification

description FLECHE  short product description. This is visible in the POS, Sales order and Purchase Order

longdescription FLECHE DE LIT ET VOILE long product description 

categoryid NU Product category ID.  Product Categories are required before importing inventory
units each Options are:

mbflag d  MBFLAG settings (from Inventory Maintenance module):
a - assembled
b - purchased
d - service charge
eoq 0 Economic order Quantity.  Use 0 if none exist

discontinued 0 Values in the Discontinued field must be either 0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

controlled 0 Product controlled used with serialised products.  Values must be either 0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

serialised 0 Serialised products use to track inventory by a unique number.   Values must be either 0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

perishable 0 Values in the Perishable field must be either 0 (No) or 1 (Yes)

volume 0 What is the volume of the product if applicable?

kgs 0 What is the weight of the product in kgs if applicable?

barcode 97789659356 Product barcode number. Leave blank if none

discountcategory   Product discount category if setup.  Leave blank if none

taxcatid 1 Tax Category ID:
1 - Taxable supply
2- Luxury Items
4 - Exempt
5 - Freight 

decimalplaces 2 Decimal Places for display Quantity (must be an integer)

appendfile none We can leave as it empty. it has a default value as none

location DE Location of the inventory.  DE for Default location.  You can use your own unique location after you have setup within the cloud accounting

qoh 99 The quantity of products available 

purchasedcost 10.5 Product or Service Cost

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