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Product component bill of material (bom) assembly

This page outlines how to setup product components for inventory configured as assembly products. With each sale of the product, Costbucket will automatically trigger the inventory movement of each component.

Restaurant - Burger components would be the bun, patties, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes
Retail - Chair - components would be fabric, wood, nails, screws, glue 

The administrator will need to first complete the product importation before being able to upload the bill of material (bom) template.  By default, we provide the saletype DE for Default but you can always set up your own price list code.

To access the template and importation page, go to the cloud management accounting, navigate to Utilities then to Import BOM List

When filling out the template, please confirm the following:
Parent Stock Code exist and the product configuration is setup as assembly type  (Parent product is the high level product which is sold to the customer, example Burger)
Component Stock Code exists.ie component products are listed in inventory.
Workcenter is should always be set to DE
Ensure that the location exists and you imput the location code
Date Format should be YYYY-MM-DD

Sample BOM Import template below shows that the parent product code AA1 is made up of component ID  VEG, RIC, CHIC in the specified location using the rates provided. 

parent code component code workcentre location effectiveafter effectiveto quantity
AA1 VEG DE NY 10/24/2017 12/24/2017 0.2
AA1 RIC DE NY 10/24/2017 12/24/2017 0.1
AA1 CHIC DE NY 10/24/2017 12/24/2017 0.5

Adrian Mccalla,
Jan 8, 2018, 8:12 PM