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POS features
  • Add Customer - Get to know your customers.   Easily add customers to your account and process sales to customer accounts
  • Sync - Refresh products and prices from the cloud accounting.
  • View Sales Log - 7 days sales log is retail to view to assist with customer query for recent transactions
  • View Terminal summary for the day - This is important for reconciling with the cloud accounting.
  • Cart icon - View saved orders
  • Product search by name or product ID
  • Barcode reader on/off
  • Unlimited products screen scrolls up and down, left to right. 
  • Scrollable product categories to assist with product search.
  • Online/Offline mode - Costbucket POS will continue processing sales when the internet connection is lost.  All transactions are synced with the cloud accounting once the internet is restored.
  • Modify price - Long press on a product in the cart to modify a price.   Costbucket will automatically recalculate the tax.
  • Add Notes to an order - Long press on a product in the cart to add notes to product
  • Payment type - Process cash, debit card, credit card, split payment
  • Select Customer - Select any customer from cloud accounting.
  • Fast Checkout to process sales.