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d. Settings

Settings navigation now available on user profile drop down.
Costbucket product and services

Company Settings
You first start by providing some key basic information about the company.
Default Date Format - Provide the format used in your country
Financial Year End -  The last month of the company financial year.  
Country of Operation - Select the country in which your company operations.  
Prohibit Negative Stock / Inventory - Costbucket will not display unavailable products as being available for sale when using the Point of Sale or Invoicing app. In addition, it will prevent processing of sales if inventory is unavailable.
Default Sales Price List - Costbucket is able to operate on multiple sales price list.  

Costbucket company setup page

Inventory Location 
Setup a DE Default location with a Default Tax Province when using one location or in doubt. Your user accounts are assigned to inventory locations and products are deducted from the relevant locations with each sale.  

Please ensure that if you sell products online, you should also setup a location for your website products separate from your physical location. 


Profit Center
This is provided to track sales by revenue generating areas with its own profit and loss.  It is possible to have one revenue-generating location with 3 different inventory despatch locations or 3 stores with 3 inventory locations.  

Costbucket profit center setup

Bank Account
By default we provide a point of sale bank account as a presetting for all sales processed through Costbucket apps or third party apps.   You are required to setup your bank account for your business separately for reconciliations.  Each bank account is connected to a general ledger account.

Costbucket Bank Account Setup

Inventory (Stock) Category
Each product or service provided should be displayed under its appropriate category for reporting purposes.   The Stock Types are as follows:
Finished Goods - used if the product is purchased for resale
Raw materials - input materials for building or making a product
Wage or Service Charge - ideally for intangible products or services.  Can also be used for products without inventory movement. 

Category Background and text display colors control the color of the buttons in the point of sale and invoicing apps
Costbucket inventory category

Sales Tax
Add your local sales tax rates.  
Costbucket Tax Setup