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Go to Marketplace Module
Install Square
Select to install Square POS, then log into your Square account 
Square Login
Click allow to grant Costbucket permission to access your data. 

Square permission
You will be automatically redirected to your Costbucket Main Page as a confirmation that the account has been connected
Costbucket automatic redirect

Please return to your Square account and on the left menu go to Account & Settings then select Locations on the active page and click on the active location.  If you do not currently have a location set up, please do so now.

Square Locations

Then navigate to your URL link and copy the string as per below which is the unique location ID.

You will then be required to return to your Costbucket Marketplace module and select Square Settings button
Square locations connection to Costbucket users

Please paste the Location ID from the Square URL link into the Location ID field in the Square settings and select a Costbucket user to link to that location.  Only setup one Costbucket user per Square location.  

Repeat this process as many times as necessary to map multiple Square locations into Costbucket. 

Note: Users in Costbucket are linked to inventory locations in Costbucket to ensure that sales inventory deductions are taken from the correct location.

Important information before processing sales in Square.
  1. You are required to setup identical products in Costbucket with the same name and SKU in order for Costbucket to process the sales transaction
  2. When setting up products, you should include product or service cost where possible. 
  3. Costbucket is currently only processing itemized sale transactions.  It does not log charge only transactions from Square.