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How to update Products in Square

Users in Square are linked to inventory locations in Costbucket to ensure that sales inventory deductions are taken from the correct location.

Important information before processing sales in Square.
  1. You are required to setup identical products in Costbucket with the same name and SKU in order for Costbucket to process the sales transaction
  2. When setting up products, you should include product or service cost where possible. 
  3. Costbucket is currently only processing itemized sale transactions.  It does not log charge only transactions from Square. 
You can follow the below steps to easily update your Square products in your account if they do not currently have a SKU assigned.

1) Log into square and select items then import

2) Select modify item library
Modify or Replace products in Square

3) Search Add and select to import file

4) A matching page will come on screen to match the file to square attribute.  Please Change the option for Token to NONE then CONFIRM in the top right corner.
match products from file to square product attributes

5) Your products should now be updated with the new information.  Please review and confirm.