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Costbucket account management

  • Virtual Terminal - standalone basic card processing module for accepting and processing credit card transactions example customer 
  • Point of Sale - Main Android POS account portable when accessing on Tablet POS. 
  • Analysis - Business analysis reports providing insight into the business operation operational performance.
  • Accounting - cloud-based accounting software including customer, supplier and inventory management.   It is the central depository of all financial data from Costbucket.  Recommended for advanced users and accountants. 
  • Settings - main settings for easy simple and fast configuration of a business account.  Advanced settings available in the accounting module for accountants and advanced users.
  • Inventory - Easy and simple module to manage inventory. More advanced inventory needs  example tracking products by serial number are managed in the accounting module
  • Customer - Basic customer management module.  Customer account inquiry and detail review is available in the accounting module.
  • Market Place - Connect third-party products to Costbucket example Square, Shopify.