Product configuration

Product setup steps

  • Create categories

  • Create products

  • Configure the Bill of Material (BOM) if required

  • Add suppliers and customers

  • Onboard Products using purchasing method

Steps to get started

Log into the inventory app on the dashboard and navigate to the left menu where you will find the below options.

Menu Guide

  • Inventory Management - List all products, services, overhead costs

  • Inventory Update - File update feature to make bulk changes to products

  • Stock Categories - Assignment of Inventory types (Finish Goods, Raw Materials, Labor, Overhead) to product or services by categories.

  • Sales Filters - Sub grouping of products or services for faster searching on the POS.

  • Sales Options - Grouping of product options assigned to products when processing orders on the POS.

  • Make / Assemble - Configuration defining the accounting treatment of products

  • Import Price List - Bulk product price list update

  • Assign Product discount - based on a quantity being ordered.

  • Conversion factor - used in the Make / Assemble tables to products from the units of measurement at purchase to units of measure when consumed into the product. Example products purchased as by the pound (lb) but consumed as ounces.

  • Account - Screen Log out option.