Get Started Checklist

Primary Settings

Setup process checklist:

  1. Create Product Categories (manually create categories or import excel file categories)

  2. Create Products or Services manually add product list or upload product list using excel file.

  3. Create Bill of Material ie setup assembled or manufactured products. (manage costing and components)

  4. Create POS Sales Filters

  5. Add users and configure their access

  6. Update Expense Settings to provide staff with access to process purchase orders and supplier invoices

  7. Add inventory via the Purchase Order Module

  8. Prepare and upload budget (optional)

  9. Print QR Code to Capture customers data for sales and loyalty program

Optional Settings

  1. Configure Customer Web Order App settings for customers to remotely order products by scanning a QRC code (optional)

  2. Setup Stripe payment processing by selecting Payment setup then select Stripe and create your payment account then order your card reader from Stripe website.(optional)

  3. If connecting with a Merchant Service Provider (MSP), please see setup process for PAX.