Where is my card details stored?

We use Stripe to process our subscription payments. The card details are store in PCI compliant servers in accordance with Stripe terms and conditions.

When will Costbucket charge my account?

All Costbucket payments are due on the 1st of each month.

Do I get a trial period?

Yes, there is a 30 day trial period. If you do not cancel your account prior to the end of the period, Stripe will automatically charge your account.

I registered for a free account, Why is my card details being requested?

We have one standard enrollment for all products. Free accounts will not be charged but if you are interested in upgrading you will easily be able to do so without restriction.

Can I downgrade, upgrade or cancel my account?

Please create a help desk ticket on your admin page for support or email us at support@costbucket.com

How to change product button colours (US -colors) at the point of sale screen?

Log into the cloud accounting software and go to settings, then inventory and categories, then select the product category and change the text colours.

product category settings

We import our products and require our shipment cost and processing cost be included in the cost of the product. Can Costbucket automate this process?

Yes, we have a shipment module that can be applied against a shipment and Costbucket will automatically recalculate the cost of the shipment per unit and add to the cost of the products based using product price as the allocation factor.

We have over 36K products, some are active and some inactive. Can Costbucket manage and track our products?

You can manage an unlimited number of products in Costbucket.

What happens when I process a sale in the tablet pos or invoicing app?

Example 1

Customer John made a request to Company A for a plumber to visit his home. The cost for a home visit is $150. The visiting contractor charges company A $50 for each service call. John is told that he needs a new filter costing $80 which the company sources from their supplier at a cost of $30. For this demo, taxes are assumed to be 10%.

When processing the sale or invoice, the contractor only needs to select the customer, then add the two products, consultation, and filter then process the sale. Costbucket will then automatically do the following accounting transactions.

Transactions to Record the sale

Sales (Credit) - Consultation $150

Sales (Credit) - Filter $ 80

Tax (Credit) $ 23

Accounts Receivable - John (Debit) $253

Transactions for product sold

Cost of sales - Filter $ 30

Finish Goods transfer $30

Bank payment to pay invoice $253

Accounts Receivable - John $253

Contractor services paid

Cost of sale $50

Bank $50