Software Updates

July 2020 Updates

  1. Multiple Sales Team Easily switch between sales people while processing transactions. Ideal for tracking sale transactions by employee and has an impact on any commission calculations. Easily click on the name of the active user in the bottom left corner to switch users.

  2. Sales Team Summary A new “Team Summary” tab is available on the left menu to display summary by employee.

  3. Close Register We now display the Close Register button on the Team Summary tab. When processed, it will close the register and reset the employee sales summaries while the Log Out option will simply allow you to exit the application.

  4. PIN Management Updated from feedback receiving at our last meet and greet event. We now include PIN restriction on refunds, price changes, discounts, and removing items from the cart. It is recommended that you use bar code key tags assigned to employees to further increase security instead of manually inputting a PIN code

  5. Print Icon Updated to print products listed in the cart by doing a long press on the button. One click on the button will Open to a screen where you have the option of reprinting any receipt or process fulfillment

  6. Product Options Add product options and assign them to products via your online cloud account in the inventory app. When adding products to the cart, these options will pop up for you to select.

  7. Help Ticket Options Create Customer Support Help Tickets now available in the POS on the left menu or from your cloud account.

  8. Resource Management aka Table Management Easily create tables in your cloud account and assign them to zones. These are then available in the POS by going to settings and check the tick at the bottom of the screen then click on the back button and resync the machine. The table management displays the status of the table and provide the option to assign an employee.

  9. New Dashboards We have included three new dashboards and more to come. When logging into the cloud account you will now view number of transactions, top sales items by quantity and inventory quantities. The accounting software has a basic financial and inventory dashboard.

  10. New Tutorial videos Ideal for newly created accounts to understand how to setup your account.

  11. Refund Policy Social Media Option now available to include a refund policy and social media options at the bottom of the receipt.

December 2021 Updates

  1. Updated Product Sales Options in the Inventory Icon on the dashboard when logging into Costbucket cloud account. This creates sub-products of the main product making it possible to make or assemble products at the POS

  2. Updated the Sales Order screen to include taxes in Cost Accounting

  3. Updated Purchase orders, Supplier invoices (paid and unpaid) to make it easier to users to understand the steps to get started

  4. Updated the Product Quantity adjustment page to make it more user friendly

  5. Automated emailing of customer receipts