POS Sales Filters

Sales filters aid with sorting through the products on the POS display screen.   They can be anything with no restrictions on how you may decide to group your products.   Example Filters by Brand, color, or size

To create a sales filter, click on the inventory icon on the dashboard then on the left menu click on Sales Filters.  

Then page will open displaying an option to upload filtes for manually add them.   

Manually create Sales filters / Sales groups are simple.   On the left you search for each product to add to the sales group and click the "add" button.   On the right you add the Sales filter / Sale group name.   Once completed with the process of adding products to a group / filter, then flick "Submit" button. 

Uploading sales filters will provide on the left an option to download the filters file for you to populate and on the right you have the option to upload the completed file. 

Populating the template 

Salesgroup name - the group name to display on the POS screen.  Repeat the name on each row where a stock code is identified.

Stock Code - the product / stock code listed in inventory management.   (The product must exist to complete this step)