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Top Menu

  • Menu Bar - View list of additional menu options

  • Shopping Cart - Store, view and recall saved orders

  • Printer Icon - Click to reprint invoices and process fulfilment

  • Filter Icon - View categories and filters

  • KeyPad - Product search by product code

  • Search Bar - Product search by name

  • Barcode OFF - Activate the barcode scanner

Menu Bar Options

  • View Orders - Customer orders processed on cloud web app (Accept / Reject)

  • Help - POS Documentation

  • Online Order - process orders received from cloud web app.

  • Product Summary - list of products sold during active session

  • Add Customer - Create new customers and log them to Costbucket

  • Refund - Process refund / credit note of previous transaction

  • Pay Balance - Customer payment towards previous pay later transaction

  • Sync - Update POS from Costbucket Cloud account. New products, categories, discounts and prices.

  • Sales Summary - View total sales processed on register for day.

  • Sales Log - View 7 days basic sales history

  • User Summary - View sales summary of active user

  • Team Summary - View group sales summary and also CLOSE REGISTER

  • Withdraw Cash - Transfer cash from drawer to safe without closing the register

  • Settings - Configure credit card machine, Foreign Currency conversion.

  • Printer Settings - Setup receipt and order printer

  • Partial Delivery - Print delivery note or partially delivered products

  • Diagnostics - Repost failed transactions or send files to tech support for review

  • Log Out - Exit the POS without closing the register