Bulk Product / Item Update

There are times when it is faster to make changes in bulk to multiple products. This is best achieved in Costbucket by uploading an inventory file. This is achieved in a few simple steps

From the dashboard click on the inventory icon then click on the "Bulk Inventory Update Tab" on the left menu

Click on the button "Click here to get all product list"

A new tab will open in the browser with the list of all products

Open Google sheets and name it Bulk Inventory Update. We will then add a formula in Google sheets to automatically pull the product list whenever the file is opened so the above steps do not have to be repeated each time a bulk update is required.

Start by click in to top left cell A1 and type the formula = importhtml("url","table",1). The url to use is the product url list. Example below.

Once completed the sheet will update and populate with products from Costbucket. If you try editing anything on this page it will fail and give an error message so it is best to copy the page to a new page to make edits

Allowable Columns to Edit (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • Description

  • Long Description

  • Stock Category - (Only accepts categories existing in Costbucket)

  • Units of Measure - ( Only accepts units in Costbucket)

  • Tax Category - (Only accepts categories in Costbucket)

  • Material Cost / Product cost

  • Sales prices

  • Bar code

  • Reorder level

Please note you can only upload batches of 1000 products at a time. If your company has 3000 products, you will need to upload 3 files.

  • Log back into Costbucket and navigate to the Bulk Inventory Update page

  • Click on the download template

  • Copy the data from Google Sheets into the template

  • Import the template by clicking on the right Browse button (search for the file) then import the file into Costbucket.