Updating POS app

The below steps outline how to manually upgrade a POS app

Step 1 - In the existing POS you will need to clear all saved orders from the app to not lose them.  This is achieved by opening each saved order then processing them as Pay later transactions.  Make sure to process each sale under the customer name, NOT GUEST.

Step 2 - Run diagnostics in existing pos app by clicking on the Diagnostics button on the left menu then click the button "Post pending Transaction" then wait for a minute then click the button "Report system and payment issues to Costbucket" 

Step 3.  Close the register by going to team summary.  Close and print the summary. 

Step 4 - Uninstall the current POS app by navigating to the app dashboard on the POS machine and drag and drop the app to the top right corner 

Step 5. - Go to App install page in https://docs.costbucket.com and install the latest POS app available.  Below example shown as cbpos_3_aug_23.apk.   

Step 6. - Log into the POS and input the open cash as the value from the close register cash value then reconnect the printer

Step 7 - Start Selling