Purchasing Process

Ordering and receiving products

Log into Costbucket and navigate to Cost Accounting then on the left menu go to Purchases. Select the

Menu options compared to flow chart below.

  • The Create Purchase Order Only - Flow chart steps 1 below

  • Create PO & Invoice - Automates Steps 1 and 2 below

  • Cash Purchase & Payments - Automates Steps 1 to 3

Inventory Flow chart with Accounting Updates

Receiving Purchase Orders

  • When the supplier delivers the goods to the warehouse , the stock manager will log into Costbucket

  • Click main menu -> Purchasing Module

  • Click Purchase orders and enter criteria to select the purchase order you require

  • Assuming the order is authorized and printed there will be an option to "Receive" - click Receive

  • The Goods Received screen shows and allows the quantities received to be entered. This quantity will show in the businesses units of measurement but the conversion and the quantity in the suppliers unit of measure will also show.

  • If the item being received is a controlled item, the batches/rolls/lots/serial numbers being received need to be specified individually and the system keeps track of how many in total are being received.

  • Only the quantity received should be entered, this may well be different to the original order quantity because the supplier might not deliver all the ordered items at the same time, and at this point we need to record exactly what has been delivered, and not what has been ordered. He might deliver in parts. So these changes are supposed to be effected at this point before processing a Goods Received Note.

  • Then click update.

  • Click on Process a Goods Received (GRN), finally click on Print a Goods Received Note (GRN).

The goods received note should be signed off by the person who received the goods - optionally a copy to the supplier's driver.

An alternative short-cut method is also provided for auto-receiving purchase orders at the prices defined in the purchase order, for authorised purchase orders. After having entered a purchase order or modified a purchase order a link to automatically receive the entire order and create the supplier invoice will show if the order is authorised. This will happen automatically if the configuration option to auto authorise purchase orders is set and the user creating or modifying the order is authorised to do so. Clicking this link will receive all the items on the purchase order to the extent there is any quantity yet to be received. However, this program cannot handle controlled items. If there is even one line of controlled/serialised stock on the purchase order then this facility cannot be used.