Customer Loyalty Sign Up

The below steps are the automated method for a customer to sign up and register to be a customer in your business account and also be a POS loyalty program member. 

Claim your QR Code Template here:

Choose from multiple colors and multiple file types.

Create QR Code Steps

Log in with your Costbucket admin user account then click on Settings icon on the dashboard

Click on Customer Sign QR Code Link button

Your unique business loyalty customer sign up form appears.   This form is accessible by sharing the URL of the form or by converting the URL to a QR code which you then share. 

Next you should search for a QR code generator (For example and copy your Unique URL link into the generator (on the left) to create your QR Code (on the right).   

Click on the downward download arrow to download the QR Code file.

Open the QR Code template in an photo editing software and add the QR Code in the empty box.  

Free photo editing software:

Example below of final output