Manage Users

Managing users access is available by navigating to the the Dashboard and select Manage users. The number of active users allowed is indicated in the users limit.

Click on Manage Users then Add Users Button

Product Access The check boxes indicate the app on the dashboard the user should have access to.

User information – Add the username, password, Full name, email and phone number of the employee / user. Once an account is created, it will not be possible to change the username.

User Role – Select the user role and time zone

User Default Location – the location where the user will work which will indicate where the sales and inventory will be logged in the cloud cost accounting software and reports.

POS Default Customer – This should be set as “GUEST’

POS Default Branch Code – This should be set as “CASH”

Account Status – Active / Inactive

PIN Access Active – YES / NO indication for the PIN Management used in the point of sale system to restrict users refunding products, deleting products from the cart, modifying prices and processing discounts.

Authentication PIN – the PIN number for the PIN Management system. Recommended to use barcodes to prevent risk of users figuring out the PIN.

Cost Accounting software access – Select the correct user role and level of access the user should have.

ADMINS ONLY should have access to utilities and Setup