Pax Reader Setup

Costbucket POS is integrated with Pax. Pax is available in the USA and Canada. The reader require adding the IP address of the reader to Costbucket to allow the POS to communicate with the reader.

The supported Pax machines are:

  • DX Series

  • S300

  • S500

  • Q80

  • S80

  • S920

  • PX Series Multilane

How do you set a static IP in the SP30? – Do this:

  • Install an app called Net Analyzer

  • Connect internet LAN line to the Pax Card Reader.

  • On Net Analyzer app, select Scan LAN and identify the Pax Reader and make a note of the IP address. example

  • Open Costbucket POS app and on the left menu select settings then the PAX tab and click then check box then input the IP address of the card reader from the Net Analyzer app. The IP address could be input as or

  • Try processing a card sale and the reader trigger to process the sale.