Inventory Flow Chart

Understanding the inventory process in Costbucket is essential to navigating the software and understanding what happens when an activity is processed

The purchase order process is essential to bringing inventory into the Cost Accounting software which is then available for sale via the sales order module or the POS app. Depending on the business processes, step 1 to 4 may happen independently or the business may use our automated processes to do Step 1 - 2 combined or steps 1-3 combined.

Serialized and Batch products have a similar Inventory process except the Receipt process requires adding the batch items or serial numbers of the products. In additional the sales process require selecting the serial number or batch of the product being sold.

Assembled Products in Costbucket require the saleable product type be set to Assembled and the Bill of Material created to outline the list of components to be deducted when the product is sold. The key to assembled products is that the components are not deducted until the product is sold.

Manufactured products are items made in advance. The components are deducted in advanced and converted into a physical product which sits in the inventory till it is sold. When sold the product will follow the regular sales process as a product purchased for resale.