Understanding the dashboard

Log into Costbucket using https://sms.costbucket.com

Menu Functions:

  • The admin has access to manage users, provide user access to apps, user restriction to access the cost accounting software. The POS PIN management and assignment of user location is maintained on the manage user profile

  • Payment Setup should be configured when using Stripe.com as the payment processor. This setup connects your Costbucket account to Stripe and supports the Stripe card reader. The Stripe reader is available for purchase from https://www.stripe.com website.

  • Help Desk is the primary method to create a ticket with Costbucket for support.

  • On the profile drop down in the top right corner, the admin user can change their password, view subscription invoices, update billing, settings, and manage the company info.

Main Menu

  • Home Screen – Navigate the user to the screen with Main Menu options and Cloud Apps

  • Company info – Primary information about the business for Costbucket to know their customer

  • Help Desk – Create tickets and communicate with Costbucket

  • Users – Manage all company user accounts on the Costbucket platform

  • Payment setup – For companies using Stripe card reader

Cloud Apps

  • Virtual Terminal – standalone basic card processing module for accepting and processing credit card transactions via Stripe

  • Cloud POS – Basic web based point of sale that works with our receipt printer or any printer connected to the PC.

  • Analysis View Cash register logs from the POS machines (Cloud POS and Android POS)

  • Cost Accounting – cloud-based accounting software including customer, supplier and inventory management. It is the central depository of all financial data from Costbucket. Recommended for advanced users and accountants.

  • Settings – main settings for easy simple and fast configuration of a business account. Advanced settings available in the accounting module for accountants and advanced users.

  • Inventory – Easy and simple module to manage inventory. More advanced inventory needs example tracking products by serial number are managed in the accounting module

  • Customer – Basic customer management module. Customer account inquiry and detail review is available in the accounting module.

  • Market Place – Connect third-party products to Costbucket example Square, Shopify.

  • Resources - Table management system for restaurants or booth for salons

  • Receive Inventory - Only work with a purchase order module. Purchases Orders created and sent to supplier is then confirmed in this app which triggers the goods receipt process in the accounting software.