Import Sales price list

  • Select Import Files Icon on the dashboard

  • Select import sales price list menu

  • Click on the download icon to down the product price list template

  • Populate the template using the notes below

  • Import the template

Template Notes:

  • Stock Code: Stock Code should already exist ie. the product should be listed in inventory management

  • Stock Description: Stock Description is optional, without any special characters

  • Currency Code: Use Company currency code from below list.

BBD - Barbadian or Bajan D

BMD - Bermudian Dollar

BSD - Bahamian Dollar

BZD - Belizean Dollar

CAD - Canadian Dollar

GYD - Guyanese Dollar

JMD - Jamaican dollar

KYD - Caymanian Dollar

TTD - Trinidadian Dollar

USD - US Dollars

  • Price: Price column should not be empty. Don't add comma and use 2 decimal places.