Address: invoice and statement address of the customer.


Branch Information: any number of branches can be defined for each customer account. At least one branch must be defined for each customer. It is the branch details that record the local information about delivery address, tax authority, sales area and sales person.


Customer Code: by default, each new customer will require a unique customer identification code (maximum of 10 characters of text - letters or numbers). nb. The customer code cannot be amended after the customer is created.

Customer Type: Select the customer type category to be associated with the customer based on your company configuration.

Credit Limit: This is a required field which accepts any positive value to set the point at which at which a customer reaches their total value of outstanding invoices. It is currently only for memorandum purposes but will give an alert for sales order or invoices that will put the customer over their credit limit. The customer credit limit can be changed at any time

Customer Since - The default is the current date. This field is only used on certain reports where it can be used to restrict the customers shown, and also for credit reference inquiries. The system will only accept a date in this field. The date can be altered at any time. There is no error checking on this field.

Credit Status: the options available here are based on the user company's predefined configuration. Credit status's can be defined to stop any new invoices or indeed orders to the customer. This is irrespective of the customer's set credit limit. note. the customer Credit Status can be altered at any time and is for internal use only and so will not be shown on any reports (order form, invoices, statements, receipts) available for customers.

Customer Currency: The customer monetary currency.


Discount Percentage: Customers can be set up with a general level of discount which applies to all sales. The percentage entered is used by default on all invoices to the customer. The discount rate can be manually overridden at the time of invoicing, which the system will use to calculate the discount. The discount percentage used at invoice time will not be stored as the future default unless the customer details are amended. This field checks to ensure that the percentage is less than 100% and greater or equal to zero.

Discount Code: text entry to identify the 'promotional code' relating to the the discount percentage offered to the customer.






Invoice Addressing: This field is a flag that has two choices:

  • To address invoices to the head office postal address. This is the postal address from the customer record as entered above. This is the default option.
  • To address invoices to the branch postal address. This addresses invoices charged to the customer to the branch of the customer, some customers may wish for the branch to authorise invoices before sending on to head office for payment. The branch postal address entered will be used for printing invoices.








Payment Discount Percentage: the general level of percentage reduction to be applied to a customer payment.

Payment Terms: the options available here are based on the user company's predefined configuration. select box is provided showing the predefined payment terms. The terms are used to determine when an invoice becomes due and is directly determines the payment date on invoices and statements.




Sales Type/ Price List: Select the sales type category or price list to be associated with the customer based on your company configuration.


Telephone/ Fax/ Email: invoice and statement contact details of the customer.

Tax Reference: the local tax reference of the customer.