Expense Settings

Select Settings App on the dashboard then on left menu Select Expense App Approval Management

Update Expense approval settings by clicking on the left menu on "Expense Settings"
Here you provide employees with approval options which include the ability to:

a) Create a purchase order
(option 1 below)
b) Create Purchase Order and process supplier invoices but have the balance outstanding (option 1 - 3 below)
c) Process Supplier invoices with payments full completed with no outstanding balance (option 1 - 4 below)
d) Remove a block from an invoice to allow payment processing

The accounting process when ordering from a supplier is:
1) Create Purchase order
2) Receive products on order and match against the purchase order
3) Process the supplier invoice and match against the goods received
4) Process supplier payment and allocated the payment against the invoice

Select to manually create product categories next or import categories